Points Rules


All drivers who compete at ODSS sanctioned events in the classes listed in the payouts section will be automatically entered into the points chase. 


Awarding of points is as follows:


1. Twenty points will be awarded for entering each points event. Entering a points events is defined as passing tech inspection with a vehicle (appropriate for the classes entered) on the day of the event and turning in the tech card to the tower before the first round of eliminations. 


2. The vehicle (and the driver) being entered must be on the premises. 


3. The same vehicle cannot be used for points (or competition) by more than one driver in the same class. 


4. Eleven points will be awarded for a round one win, twelve points for a round two win, and thirteen points for round three win, and so on, with twenty points awarded for a final round win. 


5. Points are awarded to a driver in a class, not the vehicle. 


6. Drivers who buy-back (as rules allow) are eligible to continue to earn points fro round wins following buys-backs. 

Qualifying Bonus Points: 5pts awarded to #1 Qualifier

                                        3pts awarded to #2 Qualifier

                                        1pt awarded to #3 Qualifier

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